These exotic snakeskin snapback and strapback hats are custom made by SIN-Designs, which only specializes in custom, rare, and hard to find fashion accessories.

These exotic snakeskin snapback and strapback hats are custom made by SIN-Designs, which only specializes in custom, rare, and hard to find fashion accessories.

The SIN-Designs brand is supported by well-known hip hop moguls. Our fashion accessories have been seen on many music artists, actors, actresses and entertainers in the industry. They guarantee the quality and craftsmanship of all of their products.

SIN-Designs is a company specializing in custom, rare, hard to find fashion accessories. 

SIN-Designs: Inside the Tannery

Replica Snakeskin Snapbacks VS Handmade Snakeskin Snapbacks by SIN-Designs


(Above) Chinese Mitchell & Ness RSVP Snakeskin Snapback Hats

– Not authentic Mictehll & Ness brand, but a counterfeit
– Not made by Don C. or the RSVP company in Chicago
– Made of faux vinly snakeskin printed material – very low quality
– Very poor quality and mass produced in China
– Stitching on the hats is loose, flimsy, low quality
– The Mitchell & Ness logo and script on the back of the hat is over-sized compared to authentic M&N
– The tags inside of the hat are not genuine
– Basically just a fake replica of Don C’s /RSVP snakeksin hat
– Made in China


(BELOW) SIN-Designs Authentic Mitchell Ness Snakeskin Snapback Hats

– Authentic and Authorized Mitchell and Ness snapbacks
– Snakeskin snapbacks made by SIN-Designs in the USA with excellent craftsmanship and high attention to detail
– Snakeskin snapbacks made with 100% Genuine Python Snakeskin or other exotic genuine hides
– Snakeskin snapbacks crafted by skilled designers that have over 25 years in the sewing business
– Only the higsest and best qualtiy materials are used for each snakeskin snapback hat
– Each snakeskin snapback hat is carefully hand stitched by our professional designers
– Snapback hats are purchased directly from the manufactuter or trusted reseller
– All snapbacks are brand new and handled with complete care during the customizing process
– Our exclusive SIN-Designs limited edition custom snakeskin snapback and strapback hats can be seen on the likes of many entertainers and celebrities in the industry such as Flo-Rida, Brisco, Brianna, Ghost Wridah, Mac Miller, Outlawz, Wiz Khalifa, and many others….

Unlike fake Chinese knockoffs, SIN-Designs only sells authentic genuine snakeskin snapback hats, which come directly from the manufacturer. Each snakeskin snapback hat is carefully handled during the customizing process.

SIN-Designs Step By Step Hat-Making Process

1) The snapback brim as well as the plastic snapback plastic is un-stitched and disassembled.

2) The snapback material is then taken off of the snapback brim and underbrim of the snapback hat’s bill, and then replaced with 100% genuine python snakeskin on the snakeskin snapbacks brim, and 100% genuine lambskin leather on the snapbacks underbrim. The python and lambskin are carefully hand sewn onto the brim and underbrim giving the snakeskin snapback hats a natural look.

3) The plastic snapback on the back of the hat is replaced with a 100% genuine lambskin leather and python snakeskin adjustable back strap, which features a choice of a gold or silver buckle.

4) A genuine python snakeskin tag is hand sewn onto the backs of the snakeskin snapbacks hats giving them a more distinctive look.

Making the Bill and Strapback: SIN-Designs Exotic Hides

With a sincere concern for the proper safety of all wildlife along with a commitment to producing the highest quality fashion accessories, SIN-Designs maintains the highest environmental ethics possible. They guarantee the legitimacy and the authenticity of each and every hide or skin and stand totally behind every one of their products. Their sincere commitment to creativity, innovation and the highest quality standards make it imperative to furnish only the most beautiful and durable genuine exotic materials and skins to be available to customize that hat which of course is a one of a kind one.


Crocodile Hide

South America is where the company’s Crocodile Hides come from. It is sourced legally from Columbia and the species offered and stocked is Caiman crocodilius fuscus. They are pleased to offer both a Hornback cut and a belly cut in suede, glazed and matte finishes.

The crocodile hide is unquestionably one of the most sought after luxury leathers people look for. So many designers who are well known and command large followings have now in their fashion lines featured caimen crocodile and with worldwide marketing strategies and tanning innovations popularized this species.

Eel Hide

A fishing industry(sushi) bi-product with a fabric-like quality are Eel Hides. In the world of European high fashion in recent tomes the eel has gained great popularity. The result of this happening has been an overseas demand steadily climbing and although not quite as intense an increase domestically as well. They come in a variety of colors and also both glossy and matte finishes. Eel skin has a luminous and natural feel and appearance to it.

American Alligator Hide

Either harvested from the wild or farm raised, it is the Southeastern United States that the Alligator Hide is indigenous to. Their skins are prized both for their incredible texture and quality. The American alligator just as caimans and crocodiles are members of the Crocodillian family. There are a wide variety of amazing and rare colors the hides are available in along with both glossy and matte finishes.

Elephant Hide

An exotic leather with a rippled, course texture that is very durable and thick is the Elephant Hide. The elephant leather which is top quality originates in Africa. Every effort possible is extended to make certain the Convention of International Treaty of Endangered Species(CITES) strict requirements are rigorously adhered to carefully. It should be understood that a lot of different grains are offered and a much thicker skin is required for the deeper grain. The company delivers the deepest-grained and highest quality hide available anywhere.

Lizard Hide

Offered in a variety of colors that are extremely attractive along with an incredibly elegant and smooth texture is the Lizard Hide. They are terrific for hand-stitching efforts because although they are extremely thin they do not tear easily at all. In the world of high fashion Lizard skin has truly come into high demand. Also because of the intricate miniature tiles and silky feel leather good craftspeople have a great appreciation for the Java Lizard. Because of their ring patterns that appear on painted colors or darkly dyed or non-bleached ones the common name “ring” is applied to these skins.

Ostrich Hide

Ostrich skins are a popular choice for fashion due to their quills which are a bumpy and unique texture that is highly durable. The top quality Ostrich leather the company offers originates in South Africa. A whole variety of both women’s and men’s products are produced using ostrich skins. The ostrich body and leg skins the company offers to the fashion market are absolutely the very best. These are identical ostrich skins that in Italy are sold at prices that are very high per skin and are regarded as the premier in luxury. At this time the company offers over 75 different finishes and colors for that custom hat one may be seeking.

Python Hide

Python skins are extremely durable and very beautiful. They have been valued for their durability and elegance for a long time now. Under the CITES authority reticulated python skins totaling over 300,000 are legally traded. All of the python skins used by the company abide by the laws of the country of origin and also all U.S. Federal and State laws as well. In stock and readily available for hat customization are both Malaysian and Indonesian origin python skins. Back cut and front cut are the two python cuts available to customize the hats. The front or back incisions when the skin is opened are the determination what the cut is. Because there is currently a far greater demand these days for back cut skins certain colorways have become more rare and difficult to find. The differences are only in the preferences and personal tastes and certainly not in the quality. People also refer to glazed skins as shiny. Matte skins which can be customized to garment grade do not have any glaze. The belly scale of python skins front cut are off to left and right side. In the fashion marketplace the demand for python snakeskin is indeed very high.
The belly scale will be in the center on back cut python skins. These skins which in the high fashion world are more popular are referred to as belly skins.

Shark Hide

Internationally known for its course and rough texture is Shark Hide. The shark hides used here are from non-threatened and non-endangered species of sharks. These shark skins also have additional oils that help to make a softer leather almost garment-grade or fabric-like. Shark is certainly one of the leathers that the availability fluctuates from one season to another because of the great demand for it. With the custom hat in mind, the company looks always for the most innovative finishes and colors to offer along with the softest and finest quality skins. Every customer will be able to seperate themselves from all others because of the great variety of finishes and colors being presented. For the snakeskin hides one can even opt for a golden metallic finish.

Stingray Hide

One of the most underrated of all the hides is the Stingray Hide which has a supple texture and is extremely durable as well. It can be painted in any color and can also be textured to be flat or bumpy. Special oils and chemicals are used to help ensure the most vibrant color and a diamond shaped eye/crown that is as white as can be. That eye/crown is actually a calcium deposit that must be requested by the customer.

Making the Underbrim: Italian Lambskin Leather Hides

The Italian lambskin leather hides on each snakeskin snapback are the very same hides used in the finest leather garments around the world. Made from only the finest full-grain lambskin stock and tanned to a beautiful aniline plus finish that will resist sunlight and light stains. Thin and silky smooth these hides will add a luxurious touch to your custom snakeskin snapback hat.

Making the Buckle: Nickel and Gold

SIN-Designs uses only quality hat buckles with a nice finish. This buckle is designed for all types of custom snakeskin snapbacks and strapback hats. These are designed to be easily attached to existing or new custom snapback or strapback hats. The buckle clasp is simple and sturdy that will securely hold your strapback securely closed, this is the best buckles for custom snakeskin snapback and strapback hats. These buckles are perfect for someone wanting a basic design without extra frills on your custom hat. Each buckle is sold separately allowing you to decide the color you need. Simply select the color you need for your custom hat. The buckles are attached with a simple spring pin that is easy to remove if you want to change your existing buckle.

Available in both white nickel plated and yellow gold plated finishes.

Buy Snakeskin Snapbacks by SIN-Designs

These hats are exactly like the one’s made by Don C, and worn by Kanye West and Jay Z, except that these hats are custom made by SIN-Designs, which only specialize in custom, rare, and hard to find fashion accessories.

These hats are exclusive one of a kind limited edition SIN-Designs Snakeskin Hats.

Our Genuine Python Snakeskin is carefully hand picked, selected and harvested in Indonesia (farm raised), and then shipped to a tannery in the USA to be tanned and shaved down so that the hide becomes very thin and manageable. It is then dyed using special dying techniques to insure that the hide holds color and does not run or bleed. We only use the highest grade A python available to ensure that our customers are getting the best quality available. We carry over 50 snakeskin colorways, as well as we can custom dye any hide to the colorway of choice. Each hide features a different pattern, as each snake is different, so no two hats are the same. They are truly a one of a kind.

Shipping Info

Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping of orders, which depends on the amount of orders that we have on hand currently. Orders can be expedited, but may cost more.

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